Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 13/30: How To Curl Like a Pro

I might have mentioned before my love of curling irons. But at the same time it's probably in the top 3 questions I get about styling hair from clients: How do I use  my curling iron? Whenever we see celebs with perfect curls [ahem, I'm looking at you, Taylor Swift, Julia Roberts, etc] we think "wow, I wish my curly hair looked like that." HELLO that's a curling iron! Those waves don't just appear on their heads like that. My all time favorite curling tool that I use is a curl stick by TIGI. I decided to break it down into steps so why don't we all follow along, shall we? You'll need a curling iron, two hair clips, and some hair spray.

Start with smooth hair, divide into sections. [Think U-shaped parallel lines around your head, going from one side of your head to the other.] First section should be at the bottom or nape area.

Wrap a small [1"-2"] subsection around the curl stick while the end is pointing down vertically. Hold the end of the hair in your fingertips, but careful not to burn them!

Release subsection, should look like a ribbon. Don't touch!

Repeat all the way around the section to the other ear, alternating which way the hair is wrapped with each subsection. Wrap some towards the face, some away from the face, all the time holding the curl stick in the same vertical position.

Work your way up the head until all sections are done. This was 4 sections of hair, about 6 subsections for each one. Took me about 10 minutes. Spray generously with hair spray and let cool.

After the curls are cool, shake through them with your fingers. Brush through for more smoothness.

I chose to back comb my ends a little bit for a fuzzier texture, more of a rumpled, less perfect look. More hair spray before I walked out the door and that's it!

So there you have it! Notice that because each curl is held by the fingers onto the curl stick that the ends are slightly straighter. This makes it more natural looking and give it more dimensionality. Variations on this theme: 
  • use a regular curling iron, but don't use the clamp--wrap around the outside of it
  • use larger subsections for a looser wave
  • use smaller subsections for a tighter curl
  • pin each subsection to your head  with a bobby pin [like a pincurl] until your whole head of pincurls are cooled, then take out [longer lasting but takes more time]
  • curl just a few sections on the ends with longer hair for a slight wave
  • if your naturally curly hair seems unruly, use this same method to curl a few top layers to give the effect of a smoother, more tamed curly look
  • perfect for second day restyling of curly hair for those few curls that were slept on wrong!
  • scrunch pomade into curls [after cooling and finger combing] to hold them in place and add texture/definition

I hope this was helpful, happy curling y'all!

PS: there's a part 2 of this look with my outfit coming up next!


  1. I was behind and just caught up on your last 10 looks. This is SO awesome Nicole! I love them all and you're totally encouraging me to grow out my hair.

  2. I guess I have been using my curling iron upside down my whole life!

  3. This is so awesome! I rarely curl my hair and as of now don't own a curling iron... I think I might need to invest in a curling stick.

  4. I'm going to try this tomorrow. Wish me luck! You look FAB.

  5. LOVE THIS! So, so pretty! I am horrible uncoordinated when it comes to curling my own hair but maybe I will give it another shot one of these days... :)


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