Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 20/30: Little Eiffel Stands in the Archway

You know, Santa was very good to me. I managed to get so many things that I wanted, including this lovely Eiffel Tower headband that I was lusting after in December.

Totes cute, no?? I'm just happy that I have a husband that pays attention. :)
So today was a super quick let's-run-out-the-door-asap kinda day. I literally showered, put some smoothing serum in, and put the headband on. Once it air dried my waves came out so very nicely, so I didn't brush them or anything. I love that a sparkly headband can make quick hair look like fab hair!

Outfit deets:

dress: H&M
grey sweater leggings: some sock store
grey flats: Aerosoles
Eiffel Tower headband: bethanylorelle on Etsy
gold Casio watch: gift

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  1. Yay headbands! I don't wear them as much as I should -- definitely a great way to style up a simple 'do.


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