Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 7: Tiny Dancer

Once upon a time, there was little girl Nicole. She loved to dance and went to jazz and ballet classes many times a week. She also managed to perfect her own bun at the age of 9. Sadly that dream of being a prima ballerina was never realized, but there were many recitals [The Nutcracker every year for 5 years straight!] and many, many buns.

I have to say my day has been all about cleaning out my closet. And when I found this dress I got really excited because a) it's incredibly comfortable b) kinda makes me look like not such a slacker when staying home all day c) is perfect for nursing! Once I put it on it really necessitated a whole ballerina look. Of course, we're seeing tons of ballerina-inspired fashion since Black Swan has been in theaters, so why not remix this dress into something similar? The dress is something I bought many years ago for a Valentine's Day date, and the tiny shrug is something I wore on top of my wedding dress [one must always layer in California, even on your wedding day!] Pink bow in the hair, and I can just imagine Elton John singing "..hold me close tiny dancer.."!

Clothing details:
gauzy grey dress: H&M
beaded shrug: Laundry by Shelly Seagal
grey sweater leggings: some sock store?
faux suede flats: Qupid

Style details:
-layered smoothing serum + gel after towel drying hair
-secured in ponytail with Blax elastic
-twisted and wrapped pony into bun, used 2 bobby pins and 1 hair pin to secure
-pink bow added from hair accessories box  

PS: This is what happens when you try to take photos of the back of your head. You get a lot of these shots.
PPS: Wondering what all this 30 Days, 30 'Dos business is about? Check out my personal challenge here.


  1. Alright, you're inspiring me! So beautiful, Nicole.

  2. OMG, you're as cute as Zoe! I like the redesign, too.


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