Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bad Influence

Today I felt like taking a 180 from yesterday's monochrome. I was getting dressed and realized that with all this color on and standing in my bedroom it was an explosion of color.  What better way to start a lovely day?

coral shirt, rose gold earrings + yellow jeans: H&M
yellow belt: Forever 21
aqua sandals: Urban Outfitters

Then I tried to teach Zoe to jump on the bed, I'm such a bad mom. But how can you not be happy when you're jumping on the bed?? I think she'll get it later when she's a bit older.

We both ended up with pigtails today.

lace detail on the top

I think being a parent means enforcing the rules but also finding time to break the rules now and again. We had such a fun day today, and I am so happy that this is my life.


  1. Those yellow pants are almost as cute as that little bundle you're holding! I think I need a pair, of those pants that is :)

  2. Thank you, those yellow pants never fail to cheer me up. :)


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