Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag

Sometimes I get into a seasonal style rut with an article of clothing. This rust-orange skirt is for fall, that sheer white blouse is for spring, you get my drift. Today I decided that this decidedly springy striped dress was going to get a tough, almost autum/winter edge added to it. We're on the heels of Easter, so this really just looked rather Easter egg-y hanging in my closet. But then we get the funky Bay Area weather where it's raining in the morning and sunny and warm in the midday, then breezy and cool at night. This needed to work for all of it. I really don't think even a year ago I would have paired this heavy chunky black belt with such a delicate [albeit polyester] dress, but that's precisely what I like about this look. I even amped up the formality by adding a bow tie!

dress: hand-me-down, handmade/vintage
faux leather belt: Forever 21
bow tie necklace: Modern Mouse
faux leather booties with straps: Wanted, gift from husband
adorbs, no?

So let's talk about this new bag of mine. Krust was kind enough to send me this great messenger bag after oooing and aaahhing over it on Twitter. But I don't know if she knew how much I'd put this bag to the test! I need something that doubles as a purse but also a diaper bag [I'll save my "what's in my bag" post for another time, but see how Liz does a great job of it over at Law Mama.] Simply put, I need to hold a LOT of stuff, not have it weigh me down, plenty of pockets, and a long strap. Why a long strap, you ask? I ride my bike to work, so cross body style works best. When I'm out and about with Zoe I also need to wear it across my body so it doesn't fall off my shoulder if I'm carrying her, or I can put it over my stroller handle. I've been giving it a run for it's money since last Friday, and I love it. Today I actually had my wellies on in the morning rain, so my booties fit into this bag, along with all the miscellaneous junk that I tend to carry around. I can't believe how much I can fit into this slim messenger bag! Yes, I've got other messenger bags. But this one is also lightweight. Ever carry around a bag actually made for a bike messenger? They are so heavy!! Kills the shoulders. But this feels easy and really goes with everything. And I love that it's a soft cotton canvas--I've been eyeing too many diaper bags that are covered in plastic and feel just... like a diaper bag. Plus I've got a soft spot for hearts [hello, I have a ton of them tattooed on me, like my graph paper heart.] I think I may just have to convince Krust to make me one in a light color too so I'm covered year round!!


  1. Aw, You are the best! Everything you said just made me so happy. I really wanted to know how it would work as a diaper bag and I am so glad that you are putting to the test!And I Love that you wear it bike riding!

    You're outfit here is adorable. I love that dress.

    Thank you again, so much! <333

  2. Wow Nicole you're an inspiration, so glad I met you!

  3. I love the bag! It's really so you. And thanks for the link up! :)


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