Thursday, April 14, 2011

Put it in Neutral

I recently bought this awesome little sweater from Lisa at Archives Vintage and I've been thinking about all the different ways to wear it this spring. My first thought was with my new favorite wide legged jeans but today I really wanted to wear my skinny jeans so here you go. I've also been inspired by layering of different neutrals lately, so I decided to try it out for myself.

both grey tank tops: Target
jeans: Gap
sweater: vintage, Archives Vintage
faux leather booties: Wanted, gift
faux leather jacket: silence + noise, UO
sunglasses: CVS
gold Casio watch, origami earrings: gifts
such a lovely texture on this beaut!

Upon further inspection I think I need a stronger lip color here. Still getting used to my dark hair! I also intentionally wore my hair up because I noticed my ends are the same color as the sweater essentially. Maybe most people don't think about this, but I do! Of course, it's my job. 

I started out today with a nice sleek bun since I've been wearing my hair straight the last few days, but decided on my way out the door that it needed a little oomph. So I backbrushed it for more volume before wrapping it around the base of my pony and securing with a couple pins. It's a bit windy out today so some pieces are falling out, which I like. I think the next time I wear this little sweater I'll bust out some bright corals or reds to make it pop. How do you like to wear neutrals?


  1. Pretty! I love the texture on this sweater - love the idea of it with coral. I'm terrible at wearing neutrals. I never feel myself being very interested in them on myself but love it on everyone else.

  2. This outfit was even cuter in person. Loved it. Was great to see you and Zoe and R today! X's and O's!

  3. Thank you Tracy! I kinda felt like it looked better in person too. :)

  4. Ha! The only neutrals I wear with regularity are black and grey. I could almost live exclusively in grey, actually! It's the beiges that are hard.


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