Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ramble On

Today is one of those days when I wish I was one of those bloggers that could skip through a field of daisies while a pro photographer followed me and snapped me in my best light, wearing a gorgeous vintage frock. But heck, this is the real me. Five days a week I am home with the baby, and this kind of outfit just makes sense. And I took these photos with a little ol' digital camera and a tripod set up on the deck off of my bedroom. It's grey and drizzly outside, and my list of errands and chores today reads a mile long. So what does it all mean?

note the yellow glittery manicure I gave myself!
faux leather boots from Payless

I guess what I'm meandering on about is that not every day can be sunshine and roses and beautiful dresses or fierce makeup. I think I look cute and put together and I've been rather resourceful with my outfit. The grandpa sweater is from the Gap and borrowed from my husband. The grey shimmery sequined tank is a remnant of my maternity wear, now reimagined as a drapey tunic. The acid green tank is a new purchase from Target, a whopping $9 to add a little brightness to the outfit. And well the earrings.... I've been wearing them all week. Ever buy something you just love for some unknown reason and find whatever excuse possible to wear with everything? That'd be those.  In other randomness and rambly bits: it might actually be time for me to do something with my hair other than ombre. I love love love it, but it's kind of everywhere now! Time to brainstorm. Random bit #2: Zoe is officially a toddler. She's been walking since 11 months but this week [she's now 13 months] she decided to do more walking than crawling. So much fun!! I just get excited at every new development, it's a blast. And lastly: the kid is sleeping through the night! This is so very epic, you don't even know how wonderful it is to have her sleep from 7:30 pm until 6:30 am. Now if I could just get myself to bed earlier, we'd really be in business.


  1. I think Jessica of What I Wore has that tank, too! What a smart purchase you both made!

  2. How funny! It wasn't a maternity top per se, but then again most of what I wore while pregnant wasn't. :)


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