Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Streaks of Sunlight

Sometimes you find a nice quiet corner of the house, with a beam of sunlight streaking through the blinds. 

And you think, well this outfit is pretty cute and put together for a day off with the kid, so why not take some pics? So what if your CD shelf found on a street corner in the Mission is beat up and sad looking? And because of a toddler's grabby hands a bunch of CDs now reside on top of it?

These flares were bought at Arden B several years ago, sometimes they are tight, sometimes they are loose. Right now they're pretty perfect aside from the fact that this mama needs pockets in every article of clothing she wears.

A little more color to the arm party: I braided some hair ribbons and lace to make a quick bracelet.

We had a nice little day off together. Time to go outside and enjoy more of those streaks.

top: thrifted/no tag
jeans: Arden B
gold Casio watch: gift
braided sandals: Mossimo/Target
bracelets: all gifts except the braided one, made by  me
Zoe's dress: Old Navy

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