Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall For Emerald

I really loved all the true bright colors for summer, so let's ease into fall with more gorgeous shades: emerald and garnet. Hues of deep emerald green were huge on fall 2011 runways, along with bruised cherry and garnet shades for lips. I propose we take it a step further and add some raisin, plum or cranberry to our hair color as well. I think pops of this luscious shade will set off a beautiful deep jade blouse or dress just perfectly. Imagine a slice of plum in the hair rather than the whole head. Mahogany tips, a swatch in the fringe, even a peek-a-boo color placement underneath in the nape. This is where it's at for autumn.


  1. I'm emailing my stylist ahead of time so he can have these colors onhand! Thanks Mama friend!

  2. Are you tempting me with more color? I LOVE the way my hair looks:) xo


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