Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Red Jeans Return + Fringe Advice

Colored Pants | Everybody, Everywear
Oh glorious red jeans! How I've loved you so. This month's Every Body, Every Wear theme is colored pants. I could've worn my yellow jeans again [and again], but heck, it's supposed to be fall. So red it is again.

grey + red plaid blouse: life after denim, purchased at Buffalo Exchange
red skinny jeans: Forever 21
black + white Morocco print TOMS slipons
grey robot bag: LeSportsac
black sunglasses: street vendor, NYC
copper cuff: Jerome, AZ
stamped silver cuff: Buffalo Exchange 12 years ago
silver inlay bracelet: thrifted

My whole idea about this outfit: I love color blocking, but what else can I do with screaming red jeans? How 'bout a play on monochrome? This shirt is a newly purchased goody from Buffalo Exchange after spending part of my Labor Day cleaning out my closet and selling clothes. I walked away with two new shirts [see yesterday's post for a pic of them together, and you'll see I'm getting into plaid for fall, too.] And I made $50 in cash. Then I cleaned out some more, took it to Crossroads, and made another $40. Then I donated everything that neither store would take. Five bags worth of past fashions gone!! Thus I felt justified in bringing this super duper soft flannel-like shirt into my wardrobe. It just looks like fall, doesn't it?

I wanted to let you guys in on a new feature I'm working on. Yes, I'm loving Polyvore and you can see my first feature utilizing it here. Now I'm also going to add a hair tip of the day, called Fringe Advice to my blog. All those little tidbits and tricks your stylist should be sharing with you, I'll let you in on here. So my first Fringe Advice:

Invest in bobby pins.

Yep, simple as that. Every woman should own bobby pins, no matter the length of her hair, in a matching shade to her locks. My favorites that are available to pretty much anyone are sold at Sally Beauty Supply, MetaGrip Premium Bob Pins. Currently priced at $7 for 300. That can last you a lifetime! Don't try and skimp and buy the Goody ones, or whatever it is that's sold at the drugstore. Every time I've bought some in a pinch I've ditched them after one use. Better quality pins can be used over and over. And if you're like me, you'll be prepared and carry a few in the pocket of every purse you own, every pair of jeans, in the car, at work, you get my drift. They are just such a life saver. Having a bad fringe day? Pin them back! Long hair bothering you in your face? Do a small braid and pin it behind your ear. Need to get your hair up? Twist your hair into a knot and pin it! [This is today's look, using only one pin.] Trust me, if I can do 30 different hair styles in 30 days using only bobby pins [and the occasional elastic] you need bobby pins in your life. You can thank me later.


  1. Ooh, I must try the better bobby pins. I'm so over pins that won't hold my hair up.

  2. I had NO idea there were better bobby pins out there! I'm getting on it. Love the flash of all red, you know I love my colored pants! I want a pair of red slacks now.
    xo, f

  3. I thank you now! Not only for the bobby pin advice, but for the outfit inspiration. You look so super cute!

    I'm excited about your new hair tips!

  4. There are some larger versions out there that I think'd be perfect for your hair, Liz. I'll keep my eyes peeled when I'm at the beauty supply this week!

  5. Thanks Tracy! I hope this is something I can post almost every day. :)


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