Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wear Vintage Instead of it Wearing You

I'm a big believer in enjoying the fashion of past decades. The part I can't get behind is when someone wears a particular decade from head to toe. Unless you're Dita Von Teese, it mostly comes off as a costume. I like to mix decades, even if it's small details, to make vintage feel fresh again. Today I'm wearing a green mini dress I bought at Mercy Vintage in Oakland. It's hard not to stop in all the time, it's so close to my salon!

dress: vintage [no label] Mercy Vintage
black fabric polka dot sandals: Urban Outfitters
friendship bracelet: homemade
pyramid bracelet: Forever 21
copper cuff: Jerome, AZ gift shop
zipper bangle: JewelMint
gold digital watch: Casio

So the shoes are modern [although vintage-y in feel], the stack of bracelets are very 2011, and my spike earrings are from TopShop this year. Add in to that my undercut and ombre hair, and I don't think you'd mistake me for someone going to a Halloween party, right? You certainly don't have to wear a 60s mini the way I do, but do it up in your style. If you add your own touches, I guarantee anyone can wear vintage.


  1. You look amazing! Thank you for posting this on our FB page!

  2. PS. I lived in Jerome some years cool that you got the bracelet there! 

  3. Ah, I am originally from AZ! I don't get up to Jerome much, though. Cute little town. :)


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