Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 23/30: Half Braid

I'm gonna go ahead and brag: today's hair is so much fun! We had a class in the salon at the beginning of the day, a "workout". This is where we get to style each other's hair using products that maybe we want to use in a different way that it's intended use, push the limits a bit, just play! This helps us know the dozens of ways to use each product and helps us in turn recommend the right product to our clients. So yes, initially someone else did my hair today. And I loved the big giant wavy hair I had! But then I thought about you, dear reader, who might ask: but what about the 30 Days, 30 'Dos challenge, Nicole? So I played with the proportion of the hair by adding these disheveled braids to just the ends of my hair. I backcombed the ends to keep everything a big messy looking.

I know I look annoyed here but it's just not true! I am silly about making goofy smiles while doing this at work sometimes.

I really liked the way this looked, and figured out about halfway through the day that I actually needed hair elastics in the end for this to stay, so I redid the half braids, secured with elastics on the end, and then  pulled and roughed up the braids to make it look disheveled again. A great save, I wish I'd taken photos then! 

Outfit details:
animal print sleeveless top: H&M
paisley blazer: Thrift Town, vintage
jeggings: Target
faux leather booties: gift, Wanted

I'm going to have to take a break from the 30 Days, 30 'Dos this weekend, I'm heading out to Long Beach tonight to work for TIGI on stage at the ISSE show. Excited doesn't even begin to express how I feel, I'm really looking forward to this! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 22/30: Fakin' a Bob

It promises to be another gorgeous sunny almost 70 degree day in the Bay Area, so I'm going to keep this short. And by short I mean hair!! [Har har.] I decided for today's 30 Days, 30 'Dos look I would not cut my hair, but just make it look like I did. I think this would be a gorgeous look for a special night out!

I think for this look to work there needs to be some sort of texture in the hair. Curls can be quite forgiving, and lends itself to this look. I curled only the top layer of my hair using the same technique from Day 13, then pulled just the ends of my hair into a tiny loose ponytail with only the bottom 3 inches in it. Then I rolled it under and pinned the tail to the nape. I pulled out some tendrils because I liked the way it looked, and there you go! If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go enjoy this sunshine with the baby!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 21/30: Breton Stripes Day

So the lovely ladies over at Everybody, Everywear have asked all us fashion/style bloggers to participate in Breton Stripes Day today. I'm happy to say that it's easy to oblige in my closet, and this was an outfit I was already thinking about for this week.

Outfit details:
purple striped tee, purple corduroy skirt + hair flower: H&M
olive vintage beaded sweater: gift
vintage glasses: thrifted
love letter necklace: gift
mustard socks: Target
belt + vintage cowboy boots: Thrift Town

Today's hair was fun to do, too. If I was to make this side braid work for me I needed to somehow secure the opposite side's hair, as it's not quite long enough to just stay in the braid. I did a quick twist and used two pins to hold it in. Then I braided it and added the flower well, just because! I love a nice hair accessory. And today was such a gorgeous sunny day, it's almost heralding in spring.

Alright folks! I've finished 21 days out of 30 in my 30 Days, 30 'Dos. What should I do next?!?

[PS: Don't forget to go over to Everybody, Everywear to see all the bloggers who showed off their stripes today!]

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 20/30: Little Eiffel Stands in the Archway

You know, Santa was very good to me. I managed to get so many things that I wanted, including this lovely Eiffel Tower headband that I was lusting after in December.

Totes cute, no?? I'm just happy that I have a husband that pays attention. :)
So today was a super quick let's-run-out-the-door-asap kinda day. I literally showered, put some smoothing serum in, and put the headband on. Once it air dried my waves came out so very nicely, so I didn't brush them or anything. I love that a sparkly headband can make quick hair look like fab hair!

Outfit deets:

dress: H&M
grey sweater leggings: some sock store
grey flats: Aerosoles
Eiffel Tower headband: bethanylorelle on Etsy
gold Casio watch: gift

Blast From the Past

A few years ago before I was making a stab at fashion blogging, I was happily posting away in the Wardrobe Remix group on Flickr. A friend made the comment, "You have so many clothes I bet you could go a whole year without a repeat!" I knew I didn't have the internal fortitude for such an endeavor, but I did challenge myself to a whole month with no repeats--I made it 48 days! So here's my whole effort on Flickr... and enjoy the Nicole from 3 years ago.

It should be noted I did remix my jeans through that 48 days, I just don't have enough that fit me to do that. But everything else was worn only once! Looking through these again 3 years later I'm starting to get some ideas of items to choose for my 30 for 30 remix coming up February 1st.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

19/30: Laaaazy Sunday

It was another gorgeous sunny day in Oakland today. We had plans to spend it outside, and ended up eating lunch on Solano Avenue at the last minute. Not much inclination to do anything with my hair, but the challenge must go on! So here we have two sweet little heart bobby pins used to create a just-off-center part.

vegan soft serve ice cream!

My somewhat relaxed look matched the relaxed day. Old old old Gap jeans a friend handed down to me 10 years ago--those suckers used to be skin tight on me! Now they look like "boyfriend jeans". Nursing tank underneath is from Target, the red floral top and the navy cardigan are from Forever 21. And of course what better lazy day footwear is there than Toms? I love that these are corduroy!

Bonus: I snapped a couple of Zoe when we got home. She is the best.

She was standing here in our driveway, I swear I don't normally let her just crawl around on the concrete! Looks like Zoe and Mommy aren't dressed too differently from each other, totally not on purpose! Happy Sunday. :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 18/30: Heidi Braids

I've been growing my hair out for ages. I mean, I am a hair dresser, that's next to impossible! But now I've got long hair, and today it felt like it for sure. I can finally do Heidi braids! Sure, they just barely reach on each side, but I can do it! Score one for Nicole.

Once your hair is long enough, the technique is fairly straightforward. 
  • start with dividing the hair into two sections, secure with clips or elastics
  • braid one side [I started midway up my head instead of at the bottom of my head because my hair is too short the other way like the Ol Trusty braids], secure with elastic
  • braid the other side to match
  • pin the braids into each other on top of your head, hiding bobby pins underneath the braids
  • add flowers, ribbons, rhinestone pins, [really anything!] for a more festive look
I put one of my favorite vintage dresses on to complete the look. I felt great all day!

great neckline detail in this dress

valentine-y socks make me happy

Outfit details:
pink floral 50's dress: Thrift Town
pink wrap sweater: H&M many years ago
polka dot sandals: Kimchi & Blue [UO]
socks: The Sock Man, NYC
bird earrings: ?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 17/30: Two is Better Than One

Phew! More than half way through my 30 Days, 30 'Dos challenge! I can't believe it's taken me until day 17 to whip out this look. For a while in the early 00s I wore this look quite frequently. Lately my version includes a little backcombing to make the buns look even thicker.

Two pigtails,  then backcombing, wrap them around the base of the rubber band, one or two bobby pins to secure. I'm a fan! I'm gonna keep this short and sweet, I've got a busy day tomorrow in the salon so I need to catch up on some beauty sleep!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 16/30: Half Up/Half Down

I'll be honest. This morning I washed my hair and then was stumped. Do I blow dry it? Curl it? Too many choices, not enough time before work!! So after my first few clients of the day I came up with this. Cute, no?

I pulled the right side back, rolled it up and pinned with one bobby pin. I did the same with the left side and pinned that roll on top of the first one, making it more secure. Two bobby pins, that's all it took! This is why every pocket in every purse I own has at least two bobby pins in them. You never know when a hair emergency will strike!

I also managed to get dressed today. Score #2 for Nicole!

Navy stripes on navy stripes. I'm diggin' it! I'm also in love with these boots that my husband got me for Christmas.  What kind of cool husband buys shoes for the [pseudo]fashionista?! So great.

Outfit deets:

navy + white striped t-shirt: Gap
navy + white striped cardigan: Forever 21
floral skirt: Forever 21
black microfiber tights [seriously I LOVE these tights]: Target
boots: Wanted [gift]

Wondering what this 30 Days, 30 'Dos is all about? Check out my personal hair style challenge!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 15/30: How Do I Hide a Grown-Out Fringe?

Hooray! I've made it half way through my 30 Days, 30 'Dos challenge! I can't say that I'm bored yet, at all, but I do miss my regular just wavy hair! Just goes to show you, even hair stylists can get stuck in a look. I'm still enjoying my waves from the curl session the other day, so I just decided to rock that but what about that darn fringe?? It was a bit out of sorts from several days of products, sleeping on it, etc. Combined with the fact that I've had so many people ask me recently how to gracefully grow out their fringe/bangs. So here's one way: a twist!

Make sure to add a bit of a matte pomade before or hair spray after to help hold the twist in place, especially if you're like me and have some of those tiny hairline hairs that totally go wonky. I used some Magic Move pomade and then twisted to the side. Secure with two bobby pins crossed over each other [this holds infinitely better than one pin] and tuck under the rest of your hair. This is a great look for those days when you just can't deal with your bangs, whether you're growing them out or not! [It should be noted you can do this if you don't have bangs either.] Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ruffled; No Ridges

I love a good ruffle. And add to that slightly ruffled hair and you've got yerself a look there! I like how it keeps everything so soft.

I think this outfit perfectly sums up my style: girly, mix of bright colors, and a little bit of edginess! All of this look is also well-loved items from my closet, nothing new aside from the cowl I made a month ago. I love being resourceful!

Outfit deets:
dress + leggings: Forever 21
faux leather booties: Madden Girl
gold Casio watch: gift
leopard capelet: NYC flea market
orange cowl: crocheted by me
purple fingerless gloves: UO

Day 14/30: Braided Pony

I think after yesterday's tutorial I am ready for a simple post. I think the photos speak for themselves.

I am a big fan of keeping it simple, but a ponytail just didn't seem to be enough today. The two braids on the side brighten it up quite nicely. I tied the pony loosely with a tie from a vintage dress [I don't even own the dress anymore, but the tie is perfect for hair!] and there you go.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 13/30: How To Curl Like a Pro

I might have mentioned before my love of curling irons. But at the same time it's probably in the top 3 questions I get about styling hair from clients: How do I use  my curling iron? Whenever we see celebs with perfect curls [ahem, I'm looking at you, Taylor Swift, Julia Roberts, etc] we think "wow, I wish my curly hair looked like that." HELLO that's a curling iron! Those waves don't just appear on their heads like that. My all time favorite curling tool that I use is a curl stick by TIGI. I decided to break it down into steps so why don't we all follow along, shall we? You'll need a curling iron, two hair clips, and some hair spray.

Start with smooth hair, divide into sections. [Think U-shaped parallel lines around your head, going from one side of your head to the other.] First section should be at the bottom or nape area.

Wrap a small [1"-2"] subsection around the curl stick while the end is pointing down vertically. Hold the end of the hair in your fingertips, but careful not to burn them!

Release subsection, should look like a ribbon. Don't touch!

Repeat all the way around the section to the other ear, alternating which way the hair is wrapped with each subsection. Wrap some towards the face, some away from the face, all the time holding the curl stick in the same vertical position.

Work your way up the head until all sections are done. This was 4 sections of hair, about 6 subsections for each one. Took me about 10 minutes. Spray generously with hair spray and let cool.

After the curls are cool, shake through them with your fingers. Brush through for more smoothness.

I chose to back comb my ends a little bit for a fuzzier texture, more of a rumpled, less perfect look. More hair spray before I walked out the door and that's it!

So there you have it! Notice that because each curl is held by the fingers onto the curl stick that the ends are slightly straighter. This makes it more natural looking and give it more dimensionality. Variations on this theme: 
  • use a regular curling iron, but don't use the clamp--wrap around the outside of it
  • use larger subsections for a looser wave
  • use smaller subsections for a tighter curl
  • pin each subsection to your head  with a bobby pin [like a pincurl] until your whole head of pincurls are cooled, then take out [longer lasting but takes more time]
  • curl just a few sections on the ends with longer hair for a slight wave
  • if your naturally curly hair seems unruly, use this same method to curl a few top layers to give the effect of a smoother, more tamed curly look
  • perfect for second day restyling of curly hair for those few curls that were slept on wrong!
  • scrunch pomade into curls [after cooling and finger combing] to hold them in place and add texture/definition

I hope this was helpful, happy curling y'all!

PS: there's a part 2 of this look with my outfit coming up next!