Friday, April 27, 2012

Something Old, Something New

Remember when I said I was ready for new things for spring? I wasn't kidding. I was in New York recently for a class at the TIGI Advanced Academy and was able to get both my colour reworked [thanks again to Berry Bachen at MAINENTRANCE], and my hair totally cut off by Heath Grout at the Academy. I can't tell you how excited I am to totally change up my look. I know, I know... the long hair was pretty. But I can't stay any one way for too long before I get bored. Today I wore it with extra extra volume and curl, but I've also been enjoying it super straight and wig-like. Trust me when I say this, strong shapes and short cuts are HUGE for spring and summer. I'm wearing an old favorite reworked shirt, an old Sugarcubes concert tee that I modified to make more fitted. I'm wearing a few of my other favorite things, like the jade ring I bought 16 years ago and my white denim miniskirt I refuse to give up even though I just turned 38. [Warning: this freckled skin of mine doesn't get much sun. Skin cancer sucks, so there you go, lily white legs.]

shirt: Buffalo Exchange
white denim skirt: H&M
studded [faux] leather slipper flats: Topshop
sunglasses: street vendor, NYC

I hope you guys love my new hair as much as I do, and it can incite some change in your look. This feels very much inspired by my trip to New York [new Topshop flats are similar to TONS of shoes I saw while shopping there, and my new sunglasses were a street vendor purchase for $5, they feel very summer 2012], while still feeling like 'me'. Same favorite accessories, beloved tee, this is what style is all about, yes? Don't let the trends wear you, you wear them! Incorporate something new into your springtime look, and don't forget to update your hair while you're at it.


  1. Aww, man... I thought you got your shirt at the concert. Bummer!

  2. In 1988 I was still too young for my mom to let me go to concerts! Sorry old man. ;)

  3. I was hoping you would turn around so we could see your tatts on the back of your legs.

    Love this little skirt. Great sticks!


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