Friday, June 8, 2012

Style on a Dime

I'm a firm believer that personal style is about how you put things together, not about your bank account. Sure, we'd all love to have designers send us things, or shop without considering price whenever we want. But most of us don't have that luxury of well, luxury. I am always trying to look my best without falling into credit card debt, and most people who admire an outfit I'm wearing don't know I shop with low price in mind. I'm doing what I can to be fashionable [and professional] and still keep the thought of saving for my family's future front and center. This outfit is pretty indicative of that thought process. Some of these items are long-standing favorites, some are newer. The entire outfit cost me $113. Yep, only $113. Care to see?

 It was chilly in the morning, so I needed to layer up. 
Infinity scarf: American Apparel, $28
Black cardigan: Target, $20
 Multi-colored racerback dress: Target, $28
Green skinny belt: Target, $13
Platform faux patent leather ankle strap shoes: a tiny store in Soho, $24
Pink bubble necklace: on permanent loan from my sister, $0
Sterling silver cuff bracelet: Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co, 
gift from a boyfriend 11 years ago, $0
Leopard Timex digital watch: gift from my husband, $0

I didn't set out for this to be a Target-heavy look, but somehow that's how it all came together. The black cardigan I wear constantly, it bunches up perfectly in my bag when I'm flying a lot and need an extra layer. The circle scarf from American Apparel is the second one I've owned, and it's basically a giant tube of fabric. You can double it up for a warmer feel, or singly for a draped look. It doubles as a hood in the rain, too! Another travel staple, I can pull it up over my head when I want to block out annoying fellow airplane passengers. The rest of the look is something I think I can wear easily all through summer and into fall. I'll wear it with a blazer for cooler days, and add some fun tights and booties to warm it up. But for now I'll be enjoying this as is while we have sunshine.

You may think it's "cheating" to say my outfit only cost $113 when I have so many accessories that were free-to-me in the look. But don't we all have those long-forgotten necklaces/earrings/belts that suddenly feel fresh again once we dig them out? These are the items that pull an outfit together, and whenever I travel I bring a bag of belts and jewelry to change up my look on a moment's notice. I hope this serves as some inspiration, and please forgive my silly blogger poses.


  1. Love the dress AND your silly blogger poses. Oh, and you.


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    Your dress looks fantastic. I like the mix of color. Its so cool.


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